Stern Grove!

Its that time of year again…we head out to Stern Grove on Sunday July 29, at 2pm for our annual appearance at the long running (75 years!) San Francisco outdoor and FREE festival!  Did I mention it was FREE?!  That means get there early to secure a spot with your blanket and picnic basket.

The SF Chronicle dug up this photo of us in Paul Taylor’s Spring Rounds from 2007, that’s pretty much what it looks like from the stage, looking back at all the audience members.  I get a little sad looking at this image because I think I’m the only one in the photo who remains in the company today!  Unless that’s Ben Stewart, but I think its Matt.  Even I, who have known the twins since high school, have a hard time telling them apart sometimes!  I’ve seen a lot of my good friends join and leave the company, it’s always difficult to see them go.  Martyn Garside (far left) was recently seen dancing for Zhukov Dance Theater in the Get in Front Performance that I co-organized in June, Quinn Wharton (second from left) ( off to Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, joining Garrett Anderson (far right) who dances there currently (and was also the best man at my wedding!).  Matt Stewart (third from left), if its not Ben, has left to pursue a career in music, his other passion.  If you haven’t heard him sing and play his original songs on guitar, you have to check his band Waking Saints out here or at Cornerstone Church in San Francisco, where he’s taken an internship.  Best of luck to Matt and Quinn and all the other SFBers (there were quite a few) who have left the company this year.  We will miss you!

On Sunday, I will be dancing my premiere in Hans Van Manen’s Solo, with Guennadi Nedviguine and Hansuke Yamamoto.  I’m excited to perform this piece, I’ve seen it many times before, and its one of my favorites.  I hope you can make it, just one request: pray for sun!  😉

Till next time…

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