leaving the fog!

Well, just as the fog is begining to lift a bit from the bay area, San Francisco Ballet is set for a trip down south to LA for a week of shows at the Orange County Performing Arts Center!  We’ve been working really hard to put together our two programs, and I think its safe to say that we’re ready to stop rehearsing and start performing!  It takes a while to put something together, but once you have that accomplished, its a tough task to not rehearse it to death and to keep it fresh.  Being on tour, in a new environment with an audience that we’re eager to please will give us that added bump of energy and focus.  Its always exciting to perform live, but especially exciting on tour, because you have to be ready for anything.  The comforts of your home dressing room and backstage area are not there and you’re working with a lot of variables that can add up to a mini-adventure.  On tour, you bond with your fellow artists with a can-do spirit and a sort of old fashioned “the show must go on” attitude that actually can be quite inspiring.  No matter what, we’ve come all this way, and darn it we’re going to give LA (well actually the OC) a good show.

I’ll be dancing in Symphony in C by George Balanchine in the mixed rep program: Tuesday and Wednesday September 27 and 28, 8pm as well as an Acrobat in Romeo and Juliet on Saturday October 1, 8pm.

Discount tickets are available at Goldstar.com
Come out and support live theater and dance in LA!  See you there.

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